Reset Counter on new preset scroll

Hey guys,
I am loving the new update. You guys are all geniuses.

I have a question? is there a way to reset the counter on the new preset scroll? I have 3 presets on a each button. I would like to always start from the first one when I move to another button. It seems like there is no way to reset the counter and it always triggers from the last preset that I had pressed.


hey Filipe!

Do you mean the Preset scroll counter? You can actually program a message with a preset scroll where the lower limit and upper limit are the same value (the value that you want to reset to). then when you engage that, the counter will reset.

Got it,
So what I am trying to do needs to reset the counter on the Message Scroll so that it always starts on the first preset instead of the last one I had pressed.

How do I do that?

Using a “Set Toggle” message on the other buttons, you can set it to “Dis-engage” that preset which should reset it back to it’s first press. If you want to do this for multiple presets in that bank, just copy and past that message into the other presets.

Unfortunately, those two solutions do not work for me.
I have 3 scroll messages on each preset, every time I switch to the next button the counter continues from the previous step.

Let’s say

Button D is on preset message scroll 2 and I go to Button E which has preset message scroll 3, once I return to button D it won’t go back to 1 it continues into scroll message 3 until I press again and it loops back to preset 1.

Not sure if this helps.


hey @FilipeMichael,

Can you share some screenshots of your presets so I can have a better idea? Do the presets on D and E have the same slot number?

I’m not 100% clear on what you are intending to do, so let me try to clarify:

When you press Button D (I’m assuming on slot 1) and then you press button E (I’m assuming its on slot 2). When you press button D again, it will pick up where it left off from where you scrolled to.

That is correct James. :+1:t2:
And what I am trying to accomplish, is to always reset back to 1 instead of picking up from where it left off.

Ok i think there are a couple of ways to achieve this behavior.

The complicated way:

In the setup above, it uses the preset toggle position to determine when to reset. Pressing A will scroll up the preset (while in Pos 1), and then pressing B will scroll up another slot, but at the same time it will put Preset A into toggle position 2. Now, when you press Preset A again, it will engage the messages in Pos2, which will reset the PC scroll number as well as switch preset A back to Pos1.

A simpler way would probably be just use a long press action to do the reset, like below

Hope that helps!