Requested feature

As an old (really old) retired programmer, I’d love to be able to add comments to my presets in the MS editor. Just one line of text below the ‘MIDI Channel’ display would be plenty. Thanks.


There is an experimental setting you can enable in the Editor settings:

This allows you to leave a note in under each message (not preset):

But do note that this information cannot be stored in the controller itself. It only exists in the editor so if you need to use a different computer or connect a different controller, you’ll need to backup and load the editor profile file

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@Gmobbs - as an FYI, if you add PC and CC messages to User Library, and then use the per preset control in editor to add them from your user library, you should find that you get the text as stored in User Lib inside the preset box in the editor. Again, User Lib should be backed up to json file for safety.

This is in addition to Jame’s note about the editor level text. Which is an ace feature and well worth using.