Request for feature 2 : More actions based on press/release AND a counter value

It would be so nice to be able to select what to do according to a counter value :

  • If I press and in the Counter number xx I have zero I do one block of msgs
  • and if I press when the Counter number xx have something not zero I do another set of msgs

Just as we do for short and long press but with one more factor of selection.
I have not enough buttons on the MC8 if I must dedicate some of them to this kind of testing. :frowning:

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We’re talking about conditional programming here. A big step forward. It would open a new world of possibilities. It would be like toggle mode having more than 2 states that we control at our will.

Yes, but let’s get it step by step, not the great feature in one day :wink:

Maybe an “IF” message type
where user can set, for example,


  • Counter 0 = 127


Execute Msg 1, 3, 5 and 6

But I’m not sure if we have enough bytes provisioned per message to make this work. I’ve added this in my backlog to explore in the future


It could be less memory demanding this way
Preset - A

  • Msg1
    Action - Press
    Condition - Counter 0 = 1
    Type - Control Change
    4 127
  • Msg2
    Action - Press
    Condition - Counter 0 >= 2
    Type - Control Change
    5 127
  • Msg3
    Action - Press
    Condition - None
    Type - PC Number Scroll
    Increase by 1 Counter 0

Great but as shows @XLooper, the Action is already behaving as an IF amongst messages (associated with OR), it could be costless in dev/test time to simply add new conditions based on a dedicated counter (or a new Status in controller settings which we can manipulate as a counter).