Request: Action to Disable Midi Channel

I use my MC6 Pro to control stage lights (via a MIDI/DMX converter). These messages are mixed in with other messages on various presets. Typically in the summer I start the gig and it’s still light out so I don’t want the lights coming on, then halfway in it gets dark and I want them to start working.

It would be cool to have an action that would disable/enable sending commands to a specific device (over a specific channel). Then I could just toggle on and off if my light device gets commands or not.

Just to clarify, do you mean a function to disable all messages generated by the MC6 PRO for a specified MIDI channel?

Yeah, that is what would work for me. Seems like that might be functionally others could use too. This is not a make or break thing for me, you are probably pretty busy with other big fixes and stuff. Love my MC6 Pro! I think you nailed it :sunglasses:

I think the Widi U6midi pro could do this in the interim. It has configurable routing and filtering. Cheap, powerful little device.

I know you’d like this as a mc6 feature…

That’s cool yeah. I think the way you would do it on the MC6 Pro would be to expand the “Set MIDI Output Mask” utility message type to include not only what output jacks are active, but also what channels are active on each jack. Maybe the channel masks are defined globally (like counters) and then you can just apply that mask to one or more output jacks under “Set MIDI Output Mask”.

Again not a huge deal to me just a minor convenience, Thanks for responding and creating/supporting such great products.

+1 for this idea.

If I could disable the clock on certain midi channels, it would allow me to use the MC6 Pro as my primary clock.

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