Replacing Hughes & Kettner FSM-432 MK3 by a Morningstar MC8

I want to replace my Hughes & Kettner midi controller FSM-432 MK3 by a Morningstar MC8. I’m wondering if someone do it with success and if so, do you find any limitation with the MC8 (exemple with Tap tempo). Bottom line, I want minimally to be able to do with my Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister 40 the same thing I could do with the FSM-432 with the MC8. Why I want to do it, because MC8 have less foot print, extended possibility, by able to engage or remove the Boost or Noise gate with the same controller and be able to link my other gear.

I don’t replaced it but ‘cloned’ it : my MC8 totally drives presets and any midi accessible item in the H&K amps (inside are Boost and Noise gate), but I kept the FSM-432 as a facility. another reason to keep it is that the FSM432 is exchanging special sysex with the amp which are useful when using the associated software to manage presets, keeping the FSM in the midi loop allows the software to read the sysex and updates its screen accordingly.
I even manage 2 amps with the same MC8, midi chained: GD40 and BS200 for stereo effect. Easy to setup in MC8 with the H&K midi documentation.

Thanks, very useful and good idea to clone it!

What I miss understand is :

  1. When you talk about « Software to manage preset » you talk about the Hughes & Kettner App (through WMI-1) or the MC8 software ? If it’s H&K App, you connect to it with the WMI-1?
  2. If you need both, FSM and MC8 on your pedalboard?
  3. If you continue using the FSM Footswitch when you play (exemple Tap Tempo)? If so, witch one and how you used the FSM, in Preset or Stompbox mode?

I connect it using midi for GD40, using my audio interface midi from the PC where runs the app, for BS200 it’s native BT and corresponding app.

I don’t need but as I have space…

Preset mode, I rarely use H&K internal effects but external ones I manage by midi in sync with the amp preset, so I never use the FSM tap tempo, but it shoud work.

To be frank I use other gears to route/map/duplicate midi, mainly IConnectivity MIOXx, so I play with various routings schemas to jump between play mode and manage mode when I want to modify some parameter of my amps presets.
But MC8 midi controller alone can manage the H&K amps, it’s essentially sending PCs and sometime CCs.

Thanks a lot for all these info!

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