Replacement Switch

Hi all. First time poster.

I recently purchased a used MC8, and unfortunately it arrived with a broken switch. I popped the back of the unit off, and it looks pretty easy to replace. Just wondering if anyone can point me to where I might source an exact (or close) replacement. Looks to be a SPST momentary switch (normally open) with a terminal connector.

The ones on are close but not quite. Grateful if anyone knows of something a little more identical.


Can you share a picture of the switch your MC8 is fitted with?

Thanks for the reply

This is the model: SPST Momentary Foot Switch - Normally Open - Soft Touch - Love My Switches
It’s actually quite common - you can find a lot from Amazon as well- just make sure its stated as momentary and normally open. But almost all will probably not have any wires soldered, so you need to solder them yourself.

We do provide replacement switches at cost as well (currently USD1.90) - ours will come with wires soldered so its easy to replace. Thing is that it will cost a lot more to ship the switch. I think its about USD22+ to USA via DHL Express. If you require a replacement switch from us, just drop us an email. If you want to add any other accessories like cables etc, it shouldnt add to the total shipment cost.

Yeah, I had a feeling the shipping was where I’d run into trouble lol.

In any case, I really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. And thanks for making the switches pretty easy to replace. I didn’t know what I’d find when I opened up the enclosure, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks for the help!