Remote control of Boss ES-5 with MC6II and WiDi Jack?


I have a ES-5 based pedalboard, and would like to remote control this rig with an MC6II and WiDi Jack.

Does anyone know if the ES-5 can be controlled with an MC6II?

I suspect you can, but there does not appear to be any documentation on how Midi In works on this device. Lots of documentation about sending Midi from the ES-5, but no list of commands to control it by midi in that I saw.

No doubt if the device is controllable by Midi (and you have the documentation), then the MC6 will work.

Perhaps try sending PC messages to it that maps to presets on the device (and will change to that preset). That’s usually how basic midi control works for simple devices.

I own an ES8 which is basically the same thing. Recalling presets by sending PC messages is possible, but that’s it. And the ES8 is a bitch in terms of accepting midi interfaces. I don’t know if it would work with a widi unit. I personally run my ES first in the midi chain for basic switching of my dynamic effects in an one song per bank scenario. My MC8 sits in second position for more advanced control. It basically functions as a remote for my second board which is connected to the amp fx loop and thus can be stored somewhere off stage. Works fine for me.