Remedial MIDI for a Newbie

Hi folks - this is my first experience with MIDI, and it’s pretty much been a nightmare. I’ve got the MC6 Pro, and a few Strymon pedals. I can talk to the MC6 Pro via USB from my Mac without issue, and I can get the web and stand alone editor to work and interact with the controller. The manual is confusing me more than helping. Is there a quick start guide, or a MIDI for idiots that somebody can point me to? A set of presets somebody has built to talk to Strymon pedals that I can experiment with?

If I can simply get the Iridium to turn on/off, I think I can take it from there.

Any help would be appreciated, and if there is a better place to post this question please let me know.

The Iridium is connected through a Strymon TRS EXP cable on Omniport 1, Iridium is on channel 3. MC6 Pro is on channel 1.

I previously had the Mobius connected via DIN5, channel 5. MIDI out from MC6 to MIDI in on Mobius, MIDI out on Mobius to MIDI IN on MC6 Pro. At the moment this is disconnected to eliminate variables. I couldn’t talk to that either. Yay me!

Hi. Have you watched this video yet?

Pedalboard MIDI 101

We also released a video recently that will make controlling your Strymon pedals really easy.

MIDI Dictionary

I have, and thanks for linking the videos. The problem was related to a little quirk with the Iridium. I’m colorblind, as are about 8% of the population. There is a setting on the Iridium for “Set EXP to Digital Mode” that has 4 settings indicated by an LED. Positions 3 and 4 are blue/purple and are almost impossible to distinguish for folks with my type of colorblindness. Online instructions communicate this setting with text, making it almost impossible to get right. Fortunately. Strymon included a color chart with a dial setting in the PDF version of the manual. After changing that setting, I was able to talk to the Iridium. The other unfortunate factor was that had I started with any of my other pedals, I would have been able to connect to them right away. I actually understood how things work, but the quirk made me think I was crazy. So far so good, and it appears that I am not crazy. :slight_smile:

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Ah ok gotcha! Glad that you’ve got it resolved now.

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