Remapping combo buttons for page/bank change globally

Is there a way to globally reassign the combo buttons to another set of buttons?

For example, if i want the front buttons to be in looper mode, can the back row buttons be used for changing banks … without having to edit each preset?

You’d have to program each Preset on each Bank however you only have to program bank 1 and then copy paste to the rest before you program those banks.

A better solution though is to get an Aux Switch to plug in the Omniport. Depending on which controller you have it either gives you access to the second page of presets (G-L) or extra presets. There is also a setting for Custom Aux switch where you can program the 3 extra buttons on the Aux switch to a handful of Actions like Page Up/Down.
On that note, I believe there were talks of working on Global Presets for the Aux Switch. Basically what you’re looking to do (not have to program every bank) but it would be for the Aux switches, not the on board switches. The Custom Aux setting should work for your use though!!

This video was before they had the Custom Option:

Global presets for aux switches? Yes please! And for extra points, the ability to have a bank of eg 16 of them, and be able to select from them when entering a bank!

With the new Global Toggle abilities, you can essentially make anything a global preset. I use a 6 button aux switch, all “global presets”. The lights on top of the ML5 give me the visual feedback for some of those aux global presets, so I can use the screen for more specific, per bank things. Works great!

Have you looked at the new Looper Mode per switch function in the new 3.9? I’ll see if I can find it.

I can’t for the life of me figure this out. I can see how you can change the state, but how can you use Global Toggle to trigger an action on any bank (e.g, always do X when button Y is released)?