Reload current preset

OK so I posted this in the Chase Bliss category but I suppose it would suit any MIDI controlled device.

I am using the MC8 to send PC scroll up or down messages to my Preamp MkII, I use the “%E0” trick in the short name to display which PC I last sent and see where I am at. Very convenient (I would have use for it to accept something like “%E0+1” and “%E0-1” to make it even more useful and readable though).

What I am trying to achieve is to “reload” that pedal preset by resending the same PC message I last sent in case I have fiddled with settings on the pedal but want to get back quickly to the stored settings I started with. The only way I found is to use PC scroll down then up or vice versa but that means getting a probably massive sound change for a bit and I would like to avoid that by just resending the correct PC message.

Is that something achievable with the MC8 ? Does PC scroll up or down store a value that could then be reused for that purpose ? I guess the value is stored as I can already use it for display but being able to use it as a PC change value would be just great.

Do I miss something here or is that something for the features wishlist ?

Thanks !

Nobody ? Very slow activity in the forum these days.

In the v3.7 firmware, you can use %F to show value 1-128 or %E to show 0-127, similar to the %E+1 or -1 that you were suggesting.

For the “reloading” part, what you can do is just send a PC Scroll message with the increment/decrement turned off. If it is turned off, the lower/upper limit parameter does not matter. What this will do is it will send the current value in the selected slot without changing it. I believe this should achieve what you described?


I didn’t know that you could use %F nor the difference with %E, it may come in handy !.

I can now “reload” my last recalled PC with your solution, that is PERFECT !

Thank you James !

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