Relay ports : Question or Idea


I had a crazy plan yesterday and i wonder if it’s possible in any way.
I’ve got several non midi pedals but with an expression insert (for example Beetronics Zzombee).

I wonder if it would be possible to command those with an expression pedal plugged in Relay port 1 by “routing” the raw expression signal to another relay port. Probably that’s not the case and i found a little box from OBNE (MTET) that would do the trick. But Morningstar is doing such wonder that it’s worth to ask if it’s possible to do it natively.


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Nope, relays are open or closed. They cannot replace an expression pedal unless you only want just the two heel and toe extremes.

The best these devices can do is send MIDI cc values out in response to expression input.

Ok thanks, it was worth to ask.

I was hoping for some kind of “CC to Exp” message was possible since that’s what the MTET do:

I will try this.

I just ordered an Imp from these folks, for a diy project.

Looks like the Goblin can do what you’re looking for, but obviously requires some modification of your pedal. It has provisions for converting midi data to expression input.

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Looking to do something similar but I don’t even want an external exp device. I’d like to modulate the Exp input of an OBNE pedal as well but use one of the built-in Waveform Generator engines and simply tap a footswitch on the MC6 Pro to turn it on and off. Function would be similar to using an OBNE Expression Ramper.
Feel like this should be possible in this box and not require a less clean solution like having to add another device like the MTET to do this.