Relay ports in the Mc6 pro, what can they be used for

Hi all. I just got the mc6 pro. I see it has relay ports, but there isn’t much info in the manual. Could i use this as an extra in and out for midi to connect to more guitar pedals ?

No, you can’t. They are for amp channel switching or anything that a standard external footswitch can do.

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Omniport Relay Interface Manual - same functions, though built in to the Pro

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Ok, so could this be used for a tap tempo pedal or a dual pedal (e.g. for banking up and down)?

Yes, in theory any such switch function should be supported. If you want an external three way switch for eg bank change etc you would just connect that via an omniport

Are the 3.5mm relay ports meant to be connected to a footswitch jack on another device to replace the function of a latching or non-latching footswitch (like an FS-5U for example)?

Can I connect an MC6 Pro relay port to a footswitch jack on the back of my Sipario to step through scenes? I’m currently using an FS-5U.

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Yes, or an amp, or …

There are a number of actions for the relay for both the ring and tip depending on what’s connected to it.

Most likely you will use the “Tap - NC” option as that would emulate a FS-5U (momentary, normally closed) switch.

You can control up to two switch inputs with each relay port and a stereo (TRS) cable.

Not sure what happens if you use a mono (TS) cable or use the TRS cable with a device expecting TS cable. May just work.


Thanks, I get it now. Had to watch a few videos to understand switches in general.

The FS-5U has a polarity switch. Boss doesn’t label or document the function of the switch positions. I’ve got a bunch of these and occasionally use them as sustain pedals. The polarity switches are frequently set to NC so when I plug them in and start playing the piano goes nuts. I flip the polarity switch and the sounds stop and the pedal operates correctly but it never dawned on me what was going on (I may have mentioned before that I’m a borderline idiot).

Now it’s as clear as glass. The FS-5U is NC when the polarity switch is set towards the 1/4" jack and NO when set away from the jack.

Thanks again for your explanation of the behavior(s) of the MC6 Pro relay ports and for basically forcing me to learn about these very simple switches after years of ignorance.


I learn so much lurking here it’s great. Like years of playing keys (nothing crazy) and never knew/thought about handling splits and layers outside of the keyboard itself.

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Admittedly, it’s much more common to use a stage piano (Nord or CP73) or a workstation (MOXF / MODX), with the ability to create zones internally. I just really like the yamaha P series keybeds, and their onboard acoustic grands sound great. Also, the P121 is a 73 key board which is the perfect size for how I play (don’t need the extra octave of an 88), and it’s relatively lightweight to lug around (I’m 61yo and every extra pound I can shed is valuable).

I should just get a Nord Electro 6D and be done with it but that would also eat into my GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) budget :crazy_face:

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I would like to connect the relay port to the reverb footswitch input of my Victory v40.

Is this possible?

Can i associate a long press or double tap action on a Button to activate or deactivate the reverb ?

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I am wondering if anyone has tried to connect the relay ports to old fender amps that have the rca connection for reverb and vibrato? I have a fender 1978 vibrosonic reverb (fender twin circuit with single speaker) and am wondering if mc6 pro relay will connect to these old rca connections. If they will work does anyone have any cable recommendations to buy for this?

Hello, welcome! A google for that amp shows that there are indeed two RCA sockets on the rear labelled for footswitches. Given the age of the amp, and the simplicity of the switching, they’re almost certainly just simple latching switches, no resistor ladder or bulbs in the switch, I’d guess.

The Pro should be able to switch those easy enough. This cable should do it…