Relay interface

Is there any new updates for the relay interface? I just received it and wanna get programming, however I don’t see relay interface in the drop down menu options in omni port config settings page.
thank you

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I think I got it.

the omni port is not saving. Ill keep at it.

This relay is not saving. I tried the link from editor and it actually erased hours of programming.

hi there, what firmware version is your controller running, and what version of the editor are you using? the relay interface feature are available in the latest v3.9.7 firmware and in the latest editor version v1.2.6z

I downloaded the latest firmware 3.9.7. last night. the omni port would display its drop down menu of the relay and I would save it, than it would just disappear.

I downloaded 3.9.7a. and still no omni port on editor.

can you confirm what editor version you are using? it is available at the bottom of the editor. desktop or web editor?