Relay Interface for JHS

Hey there!! Anyone use the relay interface for JHS red switch pedals? I wanted to use 1 relay interface to control my Morning Glory and my Kilt… Is it possible to do so individually with just one relay interface?

I’m using the Relay Interface with a Suhr Isoboost which is a similar concept. The Relay interface will be able to manage this with the JHS pedals in place of the red switch and will probably trigger from the tip. Connect the red switch input on the pedal to the Interface and test whether it’s tip or ring.

Thanks!! My question is, does it have the capacity to control 2 pedals or just 1?

If I’m not wrong, the JHS aux switch input just takes in a single footswitch right? If so, then you can use a stereo to mono splitter cable to connect the relay box switch output so you can split the tip and ring switching to both JHS devices.