Related Max for Live Devices Free For Now

I made a couple of my Max for Live devices available as free/donation-ware today. One is for full midi control of the Strymon Mobius within Ableton.

The other is called MSC Control. It gives you remote control over your Morningstar midi controller within Ableton and also allows you to automate some of the programming. It works with the MC3, MC6 MKII and MC8. Unfortunately, I released it a few weeks before the MC6 Pro dropped so that is not supported right now.

I don’t think they will be permanently for free / donation-ware so get them while you can (thinking a few weeks then evaluate again right now). Check out all my products here if you want to support, but otherwise enjoy!


This looks amazing.
I only have Ableton Lite 11 so I guess I can’t use It.
Good luck though, you’re definitely onto something cool.

Thanks! Yeah I wish Ableton would allow for some kind of limited Max for Live use within Standard and or Lite. Ideally, allow at least Standard users to use devices, but not edit and build them. I am sure they would have to work it out with the Cycling74 team, but it could really open up the ecosystem a lot imo.

I’m sure that, like me, there’s a lot of guitarists who’s use of Ableton falls well withing the limitations of the Lite version. Some keys a bass and trigger a few loops… done.
It’s far more a song writing tool than a production one for me.
The cost of the upgrade can’t be justified.
An extension ‘Max Lite’ :thinking: that allowed for something like what you’re doing here might well be worth it, if the price is right.
Morningstar Editor is good. (MC8)
Strymon’s …pretty ordinary (TimeLine, BigSky, Riverside, Compadre)
Boss are simply terrible/practically useless. (ES8, RC505)

The concept of a One Editor to Rule Them all could take the modular style bespoke ‘Rig’ into the ease of use of a Multi Effects.

I have pretty limited understanding about how it works, so excuse this question .
How adaptable is this framework when looking at older midi gear?
I run some vintage rack gear a GX700 and a FilterPro.
From when editors were just a pipe dream…
also a JMP1 and a PSA1 but they’re limited to presets only from midi :disappointed:

So it really comes down to how much the pedal manufacturer allowed for on the pedal. Most of them don’t open the midi (or sysex) spec enough to allow for the level of functionality that I built into these plugins (99% full remote control). The Chase Bliss Preamp MKII is pretty much the ideal scenario especially for Max for Live. All the dials and knobs AND saving presets via midi is mapped out and require no manual input. The Strymons are a very close second because they are more complex so that involves SysEx and Strymon doesn’t exactly share that. So for any gear vintage or new, just check the midi spec in the manual or look into if there is SysEx documentation for it. That will answer your question if it’s possible for that piece of gear.

Yes, I definitely had a lot of “One Editor to Rule Them All” dreams as well. I’m sure a pedal being fully midi spec’d out could become a “standard” if the market began to demand it too.