Redirecting to a particular bank/preset on MC8

Can I use a preset selection to direct me to a particular bank/page in my MC8.

I have my Ableton looper set up on bank 3, is there a way to access this bank quickly (from bank 1) without using bank up/down switches

Similarly I have my guitar vsts( STL Amphub, Neural DSP) mapped out on different banks, can I toggle to them directly from bank 1 with dedicated preset switches to direct me to the respective banks.

I plan to use bank 1 as my home bank from where I can select presents which will activate the assigned VSTs and direct me to the bank mapped for that vst.

Thanks , alternative paths and solutions are more than welcome. Cheers !

Hey, when you’re setting the message type in a preset you can choose ‘bank jump’ which will do this for you :slight_smile:

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