Red Panda Preset Values w MC8

Hi! So I have a Red Panda Tensor and Partical V2.
I’ve opened the web editor for the tensor and set TRS Midi as the output for the control port and set the TRS Midi Out for the MC8.

I’ve created 10 Presets on the Red Panda Web Editor - that per was easy. What I’m struggling with is how to tell the MC8 how to switch between my presets. I’ve figured out how to get the MC8 to engage and bypass the pedal, but not specially choose any of the 10 presets I’ve created. Anyone have luck with this?

You need to know what MIDI values to send from the MC to recall the presets. I guess that’ll be documented in their manual, web etc. So if for example you need to send MIDI channel 1, PC 0 to your pedal to select the first sound, that’s what you program as a preset on the MC. So (for example) bank 1 preset a on the MC - add the midi command as a Press action and that should do it!

This might be a useful read….