Red Panda pedals USB Midi connectivity with MC8

Hi, I’d like to check if the MC8 can be connected directly to Red Panda pedals (using USB mini-B input) via the MC8‘s USB port without going through a USB host interface?

The “USB mini-B to USB-A female” adapter will be required to connect the Red Panda USB input to the MC8’s included USB cable, for a direct connection, but will this setup even work?

Thank you.

This won’t work as both devices are USB devices (the Red Panda and the MC8). You’ll need a USB Host converter to get both to talk to each other. Only a USB Host can talk to a USB Device.

Thanks James for the clarification!

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Just to let you know, they are in the process of updating firmware for the Tensor (I think the particle v2 already has an update released, and the context V2 worked for me this way out of the box) to accept MIDI via TRS.

Really?! I thought this would’ve been a hardware change.

Hello, I’ve recommended this in another thread as I’ve had the same issue. Best solution I’ve found for a pedalboard-friendly USB Host is the Disaster Area MIDI baby.

i thought the same!

theres the post mentioning it… considering it’s already july, the release date is anyone’s guess, but they have released the beta firmware for the particle already, with TRS midi, and web editor compatibility (among a few other things).

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will a DAW work as a Host converter for MC8 and Red Panda?

With the right software, you can technically send a MIDI message via USB from the MC8 to the computer, and then relay it to the Red Panda. I’m not familiar with what software though.

everyone with pedals that have usb midi (like red panda) and want to integrate their DAW in their rig must also have this issue (Ableton and Mac in my case). maybe including the pedal(s) in an aggregate device? the MC8 already can control ableton, which sees a usb pedal, so i don’t know why software would have to intervene but someone must be working on this, right? . . . if i sort it out i’ll let you know my findings.

Because there are USB Hosts and USB devices. Only USB hosts can connect to USB devices. Most USB products are USB devices, whereas computers or mobiles devices are USB hosts. You can’t connect a USB device to another USB device