Rechargeable battery for mc6 pro

Hi I currently have my mc6 pro mounted on a handmade board, intended to be midi only, and I want to make it wireless, I have already been helped on the forum to confirm that the widi master can be powered from the mc6 pro.

Now I want to ask for help to tell me what rechargeable battery I need to look for (what specs it should have) to power the mc6 pro.

The board only has the mc6 pro, a mosky dual footswitch and a mission engineer expression pedal, so the only one that requires power is the mc6 pro.

Pure speculation here, and I wouldn’t suggest just trying this without hearing thoughts from others first, but…

In the setup you describe you won’t be using the USB C input of the MC6 Pro, so you should be able to use that connection for power (rather than the 9V connection).

There are many fairly high capacity USB C “Portable Charger” batteries made for recharging mobile phones through USB C ports. e.g., Portable Charger Power Bank 25800mAh

I have no idea if that would actually work, or how long it could supply power, but it may offer a very simple solution.

The other option would be to do it through the 9V port on the MC6 Pro. Something like this should do it: JOYO Built-in 4400mAh Rechargeable Battery Guitar Effect Pedal Power Supply

Again, no idea how much power the MC6 draws or how long the battery would last.

If you want to build something you could look at 9V rechargeable batteries, either in traditional 9V battery form or the big brick 9V lead acid batteries used in UPSs.

You’ll need to power via DC, not solely USB. Won’t get enough power over USB.

The MC6 PRO requires at least 350mA of power at 9VDC.

More power is required if you are using the USB Host port to power other devices.

If you are NOT using the TRS Relay ports and USB Host port, 250mA is enough

So the Joyo that @Vindes linked to would give you about 1.25 hours of runtime if drawing the full 350 (whatever that is minutes!)

I was just thinking about a rechargeable battery and connecting it via usb C.

In theory I think it should work, since connecting the MC6 Pro via usb C to my iPad or Mac without using the 9v port, it works fine, but I wanted to ask here in group to.
To be sure

You can power it via USB C - there shouldn’t be any issues. You’ll just need to make sure the battery capacity is enough to last for however long you need.

This portable battery topic isn’t something we’ve extensively tested though.

Some inspiration: here’s Bruno Mars’ MC8 setup which is entirely battery operated:

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I do this now. I use either a volto battery pack or a battery pack from rockboard. I use the 9 volt Center negative to power the mc6 pro that also powers the CME widi master. Completely wireless midi control and works great

Yep works great