Recently started using MC6MKII after long hiatus and finding numerous bugs

Hi guys,

I’ve owned an MC6 since early 2019 but haven’t used it in almost that long due to lots of gear changes.
I’m excited to start using it again now that I’ve also purchsed the ML10X to control my pedalboard, but I keep hitting brick walls with the MC6 not functioning properly, and in my own memory of the unit i don’t recall having any problems like this at all.

To start simple, I would like to use the ‘dual switch lock’ feature to hop between banks, I had it working great until it just… stopped. I can’t for the life of me figure out why and it’s stopped me in my tracks. I can no longer convince the MC6 to change banks.
I’m also experiencing lots of issues with button presses not registering roughly half the time.

I suppose I’d like to ask if anyone can relate, or maybe point out something really obvious that I may be doing wrong? I’ve owned the MC6 for a while but it’s barely been touched. so to have so many problems is bamboozling me. Any help or advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

What firmware version are you running? I’d recommend updating to the latest v3.10.2 firmware, and then doing a factory reset after that and see if the issues still persists.

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Hi James,

Thank you for the quick reply - That did solve the issue, but only temporarily and sadly the problem seems to re-appear (and stay there) while I’m editing/adding messages to send to the ML10X.
It might be worth mentioning that I was already on the newest firmware so I assume it was the reset that briefly helped.

I’ve run out of time to experiment for now but will be back at it ASAP if you have any further advice or things that I could try?

As an aside, the other significant issue I’m having is using either a double tap or a long press to change banks.
Can I confrm that this is not possible without also a ‘press’ registering on the bank that I’m trying to move away from?

At the risk of asking a stupid question are you testing the bank jumps when disconnected from the editor? Certain things like bank changes won’t work while editing. Spent the better part of my first weekend programming mine trying to figure this out lol

Just to clarify that the function isn’t misunderstood, the dual switch lock feature, if turned on, disables dual switch presses, so you can’t change banks by pressing A+B or B+C etc. When you mentioned “hop between banks”, what were you trying to achieve?

When connected to the editor, pressing to bank jump will not work unless you turn this feature off in the Editor Settings:

Are there any other issues you are facing?

HI James,

Thank you for your replies - I’ve tried another factory reset and, for whatever reason, things seem to be working much better on the MC6 now. I suspect that there was a significant element of user error combined with maybe one or two odd bits of behavior!

Unfortuntely I’m now having real trouble with the new ML10X. I have everything set up and, as of last night, confirmed as working perfectly, but I think due to the Morningstar Stereo cables failing at an alarming rate I’m now unable to use certain Loops. There have been several instances of me hooking a pedal up to the ML10X, confirming the loop is being triggered and working, only to then come back later and have to re-connect it with a new cable. Do you have any advice for this as sadly it’s a dealbreaker for me, and I’ve now used the two ‘extra’ stereo cables I purchased from Morningstar and I’m still one loop down :frowning:

Thank you for the reply! I had the same problem when I first purchased the MC6 but luckily remembered that behavior from back then :slight_smile:

If the cable you got is faulty, do drop us an email and we’ll resolve it for you.