Recalling Controller Presets

Hey y’all, I am having trouble loading saved banks into my controller. I have saved songs that take up an entire bank and want to recall them back into an empty bank on my controller. I am on the controller backup tab and am trying to use the “Restore your controller presets” function. The editor lets me select a file then it does nothing with it. I would appreciate any help with this issue. Thanks.

Can you share that file that you are trying to upload here? If you can’t upload it here, can you send it to us via email at

My PC isn’t letting me upload it here.

I shared the file via email, any update on the issue?

Apologies, I realised there’s a typo in the earlier email.

It should be Can you resend?

That’s ok, I just resent the file. Thank you!

Received it! Ok the issue is just that the file does not have any file extension. You’ll need to add a .json extension to the file. If you are on MacOS, that’s easy, just rename the file to <your file name>.json.

On Windows, you need to change a setting to show the file extension first, then rename it: How to Safely Change a File Extension or File Type in Windows 10

When you download the data from the controller, it should have been a .json file by default though - not sure why it isn’t there in your file - will check it out.

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