[Reature Request] Engage Preset settings => static versus dynamic aux switch usage (MC6)

Preface: The MC8 for Omniports 1+2 has completly seperate presets available (Q, R, S and T, U, V). These are basically fully operational presets, only without possibility to show something onto the display.
My aim here is to achieve something similar for the MC6.

That is:

  • to have the aux switch react depending on the currently active bank and toggle position and without
  • to loose mostly any of the functionality of the presets A to L (which I wish to remain flexible in usage).

Assumtion: Global presets for aux switches are realised with a further update? (Please…)

Further method:

  • Using actions that are usually not used (like “Long Double Tap Release”), the commands to be used by the aux switch are then put into any of the presets A to L of the MC6 (lets say “L”, per each bank).
  • If the engage preset function had the selection “Current Bank/Toggle Position” available (for field “Bank Number”), one could then utilize this command within the global aux switch preset.
  • It could be done like such, that using global aux switch presets the “Long Double Tap Release” action of preset “L” of the active bank preset is started with a single aux switch press.

This had the following advantages:

  1. Accros all presets A to L the “standard” actions (“Press”, “Long Press”) would remain to be used fully flexible.
  2. The more “unusual” actions could be utilized to be easyly operated with “standard” actions via the aux switch.
  3. Aux switch presses could be bank/toggle position dependent (instead of only addressing one static command).

I would greatly appriciate this functionality!

Anyone who would also like this fuctionality, please state your symphaty for this suggestion in the forum. Other recommendation of doing things differently are also highly appriciated.

I tried to make it not to complicated this time around. Also, I tried not to invent “new stuff”, but mostly to stick with what is already there… :slight_smile:
Do you think the abvove could be accomplished? Looking forward to hear you response…

The topic “parent bank” becomes irrelevant if the above would be working. Hence I marked this topic to be [CLOSED].[Feature Request] definition “parent bank” and function “jump to parent bank”

Since I’ve read now several topics to the goal “global presets for aux switches” - and it is reapeated within this topic - I also marked this topic to be [CLOSED].
[Feature Request] “Fixed Switch Custom” => select certain bank

Sorry, just found out, that I cannot mark old topics of myself as to be reagarded as [CLOSED]. Sorry.

“per each bank” => That is the especially good thing here, that there could be different commands in every bank. It does not have to be the same command copied through all banks. This way ideas of going back banks (“parent banks”) or circling through banks, or any other situation dependant scenario (meaning depending which bank is active) could be realised… :slight_smile:

Apologies, but I’m having trouble understanding what could be accomplished here that couldn’t be by the aforementioned and much anticipated addition of Global Aux presets.

It all comes down if one can use aux switches only in static manner or dynamically (different behavior depending on active bank). Please help me, but I do not see a way to do it without the new engage preset setting “current bank”. This way, via the global preset, presets A to L can be utilized with minor compromise => unusual actions might be used up as placeholder for per bank action to be called up with aux switches. I took the freedom to change the topic name to stress the most important point.
Please, if there is another way, tell me…

Would using Engage Preset from Q-V to an “unusual action” on A-L work?

For the global presets, we are still defining the features - but as per its name, its global so it wont change. Initial thoughts are that it should just have a Press action and no toggle states, but we’re determining the feasibility of adding more actions for global presets.

The MC6 doesn’t have any space for extra presets like the MC8, so it is what it is. The only way I can see it working for your use case is using the global presets to trigger an Engage Preset message (in any Presets A-L) with messages mapped with probably No Action actions.

Just a press action is absolutely fine. It is ok that the command will not change. But it would not matter, since one could address for instance always preset “L” (being constant because called up from global preset) but also being dynamic, because the command used within the global preset would use the engage preset with the new feature of selecting “custom bank”. This way the one and only constantly being used command could still be reacting dynamically since the engage command would have the definition to run constantly preset “L”, but (important) of the currently active bank. So it is the additional engage preset feature (“custom bank”) that is important for this to work. Because this is not a new setting to be saved anywhere, but rather a new command feature, I thought this might work…

Exactly this is why I am not trying to find space for new presets. I’m only using the existing presets (and the new global aux switch presets). My solution is to have the dynamic aux switch actions to be “hidden” within presets “L” per each bank (using an action that is not used otherwise yet). This way the normal actions can still be used (important) differently by directly pressing the “L” switch. You’re basically describing my sollution. Only problems are:

  1. If I use “no action” I do not know how the unit behaves. Would the action always be activated upon activation of the bank (or something like it). Or would it “never” be activated? Only if called by engage preset function? If that is the case, than yeah: “no action” would indeed be the ideal action to hide my aux switch command within preset “L”.
  2. But far more imortant is the dynamic behaviour of the aux switch. This could only be achieved if engange preset had the flexibility to be defined that preset “L” is to be engaged of the currently active bank. This way the constant aux switch command, activated with a simple press action could be reacting dynamically to the active bank…

Does this makes sense?

Of cause using preset “L” does only work for one single aux switch. If another aux switch is required to be setup dynamically as well preset “K” might be used…

@Karsten: at some point, you should probably consider whether your needs are simply better fulfilled by switching to an MC8 rather than trying to backdoor its features into the MC6.

As someone who uses different actions and toggle states on my Q-V presets (which I copy to every bank to use globally), I would very much prefer the new global presets to include that functionality, if at all possible. I understand there are limitations, of course.

I checked that the MC3 wouln’t have worked for me since I want to use an expression pedal together with an aux switch. Also I thought 6 switches are better than 3. But I didn’t do an in-depth 1 to 1 comparison of the MC6 against the MC8. I thought both can accomplish the same functionality with regards to the aux switch - so that is a mistake on my part not to have checked thoroughly beforehand.

Money to buy the MC8 was not the issue, but I simply do not have more place on my board and I do not want to move yet again to a bigger board…

I figure, if that feature “bank dependant aux switch functions” to be available on the MC8 already, it is generally a good thing to have. This addition for the engage preset function to be able to be defined for the “current bank” is - I think - a hopefully easily to be achieved implementation. For the MC6 to have the option to react like a MC8 (with only small compromise) is surely a good thing.

If it was a strategic decision to make certain functionality only available for the MC8 in order for buyers to have to buy “the bigger” (pricier) product - I would understand. I simply do not thing that is the case here. As james states, it is a memory issue for the MC6 to have seperate presets for each bank.available for aux switches. I have outlined a way to work around it. I believe that this would be a very good solution for many people.
By the way, also MC8 users could benifit from this solution: Presets Q, R, S and T, U, V “only” cover up for 2 aux switch definitions. If one decides to bring even more switches into the game he would need have to use the new global preset (albait being limited, because no bank state dependancy), or use the combination of the global preset with the new “current bank” function in order for the 3rd ord 4th aux switch also to be acting bank dependant.

I am completely with you. There a two scenarios: general or per bank definitions. Both use cases should be available.
MC8 => One has the option to have presets activated bank status dependant. Disatvantage: If one only wants to have a globally acting preset one has to copy that throughout all 30 banks. But in the future we will have global presets for aux switches, so you have the choice to define the aux switch globaly or per bank.
MC6 => Here one has not the choice. One can use “normal” presets G, H and I or J, K and L. But then the dicision has to be made to use these “normal” presets, which can already be activated directly from the MC6 itself (in toggle position). Also can I wait for global presets, if I only wanted my preset to only act globaly.

What I want to say: MC8 users have a choice here. MC6 have also one - but I think it is not as ideal, as it could be achieved with only little addition of functionality (current bank selection for engage preset). That way everybody, MC8 and MC6 users alike, has the same options and can choose more freely how to operate and program their devices…

Thinking about this a little more… If it becomes a memory issue and you have to choose between more actions and toggle, I’d say the actions are more useful/critical as we don’t receive visual feedback of the toggle state from the screen. Of course, this is just one guy’s opinion.

P.S. I couldn’t be more excited about this update as is, and I also really hope the global aux presets make the cut! Y’all are killing it.

@Karsten I don’t think I have an answer to your questions yet. Let’s see how it turns out once we start work on this global preset feature.

Thinking about it again, toggle position should not be an issue.

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Thanks for the feedback James. I’ll be waiting for the global aux presets feature and refine my suggestions then, if needed.