Re-ordering ML10x chain while preserving bypass/engage settings?

My use case is that I like to play with multiple loopers and I like to use a flip flop between loopers so that I can build new loops on top of old loops and then blank out the other looper, flip the order and build new loops from my revised chain.

I’m finding that I can switch the order of my loopers in the ML10x via presets, but I have to set the state of all the other effects in my chain for the preset. When I’m looping, sometimes there are effects on my sound, sometimes there are not.

Is there a way to switch the order of your chain while preserving the current state of engage/disengage across all effects in your chain?

I’ve been thinking about my use case/challenge a lot lately and was browsing the manual and the idea of doing a double toggle of sorts came to mind…

would this work?

in simplemode (which is how I’m using things), you can use MIDI to toggle the loops. In my experience, toggle takes the current state and switches it…so if I come in and take all loops that I don’t want to re-order and do a toggle/toggle type of message, wouldn’t it just refresh those settings during my re-order? I’ll have to try it. It’s a lot of toggling, but I can make a hidden utility preset that runs a toggle and just make it hit that preset twice during the re-order.

will give it a shot when I have a chance, but open to ideas - ones that are whacky like this one and ones that are more graceful (like hopeful functionality I’m not seeing)…

cheers all!

Total guess here, but wouldn’t you be able to set a few messages at once–something like:

Message 1 - change ML10X preset to change loop order
Message 2 - use the Set Loops command to set which loops you want turned on for that preset

Or is the issue that you have different loops turned on and off on the fly, so you wouldn’t be able to know ahead of time which loops should be on? If so, that’s an issue I’m having as well and have asked for functionality that I think would address the issue you seem to be having. Check out my post here. It sounds like there are at least a few of us that could really take advantage of this functionality.

Yep…same functionality ask. I posted the same thing in your thread…

It’s very tricky to explain in a simple way, but ultimately what the ask is that we need a way to re-order pedals in the chain in the ML10x without impacting what loops are engaged/dis-engaged.

There are a TON of use cases for this…mine is to have 2 loopers in the chain and while looping from one to the other, I want to switch the order of the loopers so I can delete and build loops by passing my main audio back and forth between loopers…

Surely plenty of the shoegaze curious would like to easily be able to switch the order of their dirt with their time based reverbs and delays.

Not all of us plan out exactly what everything needs to be in the pedal board when we play…some of us have a need to be spontaneous with our effects and have flexibility in a live situation to tweak things.

Yes, I agree there is a good use case for this.
It’ll definitely have to be a preset setting which indicates whether to use the engage/bypass statuses from the previous preset it is switching from.

We’ll need to check this out.

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I tried experimenting with toggling, but once I select a new preset on the ML10, but toggles are blown out so there doesn’t seem to be a way to make this work today. I’m trying to see if there is some creative work around to maintain the state of my effects while reordering stuff in the ML10. Is there a way to isolate loops in the ML10 so only those are effected in a preset change?