Rc500 and MC6 PC changes

Hi there. I have recently purchased both the rc500 and MC6 and am enjoying both so far. Being new to MIDI 8 have some initial issues but thanks to Aaron Shorts extremely helpful YouTube guide I now have undo/redo, All stop/start, Rhythm variation and memory up/down working fine.

I order to save two assigns, I am trying to get the memory up/down working using the MC6 PC scroll down PC scroll up. I have used the settings suggested by Aaron in his video however instead of changing the memory banks up and down, both the scroll up and scroll change the memory to slot 1.

I have the PC scroll saved on bank 2 of the MC6 and am using the latest version of the editor and running firmware 3.8.7.

Other settings are:

Action - press
Type - PC Scroll down
Pos - both
Slot 0
Lower limit 0
Upper limit 0
Midi channel 5 (using that for the rc500)
Decrement - yes

Connection is via TRS cable from Omniport 1 (set to MIDI out standard)

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?

Couple of other things also - pressing the MC6 switches don’t change the presets in the editor but the bank up and down does change the bank number in the editor. Also, regardless of which bank is set in the editor, the preset list (from the dropdown) always shows the saved presets from bank 1. Is this a glitch in the software?

Thanks for any suggestions!

I have an edit to my prior post RE the PC Scroll Up and Down.

If I set an upper limit (I used 10) the first time the switch is pressed the rc500 jumps to an unusual memory slot (Usually 93 or 28). Second press changes to slot 3, after that it works.

Also the button and bank issue only apply to the downloaded editor. The online version is fine.

Final Edit - I found the PC up/down works if the range is set from 0-98.

Hope this helps anyone having the same issue.