RC5 Part on/off. Showing status

I have a preset that is set to turn one of the drum parts on and off. I’m using %G to show the status, but it’s giving me 2 and 3 instead of 1 and 2. Not a big deal, but is there a way to more accurately show on/off?


If you’re switching between two states, I’m not sure why you’d use Message Scroll instead of Toggle. Is there a particular reason?

No reason. I’m very new at midi and I’m basically going by other examples I’ve found on YT or here.

OK. Probably Toggle makes more sense for a two-state switch. The idea here is that the RC5 starts with drum part 1 loaded, and then you’re sending a CC value of 127 to change to part 2, and 0 to change back to part 1, right?

It is only affecting part 2. I simply turn part 2 off with the first press, and back on with the second.

OK. I don’t quite understand why you’ve got three messages in your original patch, or why one of them is a Press and the other two are Release, but here’s how I’d set this up if I were programming it. I’m assuming here that the startup state, as you’ve described it, has both parts ON, and should be described as Part 2; if that’s not the case, you can just switch the appropriate parts around in your patch.

-Give the preset the Short Name “Part 2” and the Toggle Name “Part 1" - this shows which part is currently active.

-Turn Toggle Mode ON for the preset.

-Assign Msg 1 to a Press action to send the message to turn drum part 2 OFF, and change the “Pos: Both” setting to “Pos: 1.”

-Assign Msg 2 to a Press action to send the message to turn drum part 2 ON, and change the “Pos: Both” setting to “Pos: 2.”

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That worked great. Thanks.

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