RC 600 midi drum control

Hey, I’ve been trying to control the individual pieces of the drum kits within the Rc 600 with my MC6. But I haven’t had any success yet. Has anyone tried this? I’ve tried changing the midi drum channel and the corresponding one on the Mc6 and still no luck. I have been using the midi parameters from the RC-10R.

They are apparently the same. Thanks for the help!!

Manual states “The settings are valid for channels set to TX/RX CONTROL CH.” against eg CC messages. So have you set your pedal according to whatever that means?

Thereafter if you’ve got a valid midi connection between the MC’s outputs and the pedal’s input, sending CC messages on the pedal’s midi channel (whatever it might be) should do something.

You can use midi monitor to see what midi the mc is actually sending when you press a button

thanks for the reply.
I finally figured this out, yesterday!
The secret is to use the midi Msg named “Note On”.
Use the corresponding midi channel you have selected for the RC 600 on the Morning Star. Next, the RC-10R has the same “note numbers” as the RC 600. You can find the complete list through the Boss website. Then choose the note number for the drum kit piece you want to control and the velocity. Done!!
Drums at your “foot”-tips.