Randomise Scroll Counters

Not sure if has been asked before, but is it possible to get randomise scroll counters to use fro CC values?

For example. I want to press a switch “E” to trigger an accent hit on a Beatbuddy. I can set the CC value to 120 and every time I press “E” BB plays Accent Volume 120, but I’d like it to vary the volume a bit to give a more human feel…

So I’d set a Scroll Counter “A” to values Min 70 Max 127.
In my message select CC scroll Type = “Random”, Counter = A, CC=110.
The utility returns a Random number between 70 & 127.

sounds like perhaps a new message type called “CC random value” or something can be added instead of using the scroll counter. So you just specify the CC number, channel and then min and max value. So… yes its possible! but we just need to prioritise it against other tasks first