Ramp or sweep for Rate

I’m happy using my MC6 with my HX Stomp but there’s one thing I’m trying to do without success.
I use a Chorus and I want to set a footswitch in the MC6 so I can change from slow to fast rate on the chorus but with ramp or sweep in the speed change. I can change the speed but is instant, I want to do it more natural.
I tried waveform and sequence but I can’t make it work.
Is it possible to do this?

there’s no ramp speed function to change a waveform speed, but you can consider using an expression pedal to control the waveform speed, so you can sweep it at your own rate.

What I generally do to change parameters like this is to use a sawtooth waveform in “once only” mode, which will run from high to low values (sawtooth down) or low to high (sawtooth up). The catch to this approach is that currently, you have to define the start and end values for the generators globally rather than per-preset; @james has indicated that this may change in a future update. I use this technique to generate fade-in and fade-out effects on my looper by sweeping the effect mix CC from 127 (50:50 dry/wet) to 0 (100% dry) over a one-second period.


Thanks guys, but just now I found the problem… if you got the MC6 connected to the computer and using the editor, the waveforms don’t work!!!, you’ve got to disconnect the device in the editor.
Is this thing written on anywhere???

Now I can ramp up or down the rate of a chorus, tremolo or whatever I want with just one switch, and I can set the speed of the ramp, it works fine and wonderfully!!!


yes, certain functions are disabled when in editor mode. There is a setting to turn that off.

More info here: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/211910676/Bank+Up+Down+Toggle+Page+Functions+Not+Working

TL;DR: pressing switches loads data into the editor. we block certain functions so that you can load data into the editor without executing certain functions like bank jump etc. You can disable this, but pressing switches will not load data to the editor. you’ll need to select the presets to edit from the dropdown box instead.

Thanks for the info James!!!

I emailed James with the same problem and the autoreply said, “be sure to disconnect the editor for certain features like waveform”. Hah. That easy! I use both a ramp up with sawtooth, and then the same engine but inverted and create a ramp down effect as well when the switch is released. So much POWER in that editor!!

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Yes, it worked soooo fine!!!, I use it to change my HX Stomp chorus from slow to fast and viceversa emulating Leslie sounds.