Radio Button CC controls, multilevel toggle CC controls

I have a couple questions about programming buttons & display to interact with more than 2 states.

  1. Is there a way to program 2 or more buttons to control the same CC parameters, radio button style? This would include a way to update the display so that the current state is shown regardless of what the previous state was. An example would be 3 buttons to control distortion type, eg button 1 sets ‘Boost’ with CCx=0, button 2 sets ‘Overdrive’ with CCx=1, button 3 sets ‘Distortion’ with CCx=2. Only one state for drive type is shown, representing the last button pressed. I would typically combine other changes with each of those button states, so they work a bit like snapshots.

  2. Is it possible to program one button to cycle CCx through multiple states? The same general idea but a single button that goes from ‘Boost’->‘Overdrive’->‘Distortion’, and then back to Boost. Ideally with the display showing that state.