Quick question about Program Change with MSB LSB

Hopefully it’s an easy question and i’ve tried to find a similar topic, but nothing as of yet has popped up.

So, when creating a program change in the editor I only can input the PC number and am not seeing anywhere that I can put the MSB and LSB values. I would like to use one of the foot switches to call upon a specific preset in my Roland keyboard and it requires the MSB and LSB values, because some of my presets are located across multiple banks(LSB) on my keyboard I would need to send the MSB and LSB values. For instance if I want to jump to the first preset, second bank, on my keyboard. I would need an MSB value of 85(Rolands standard MSB value for program changes), LSB value of 0, and a PC value of 0. But the Morningstar Editor only allows me to enter the PC value and channel. Am I missing something?

Update: I figured it out. I had to send 2 CC messages beforehand. CC#0 Value 85 then CC #32 Value 0 then a PC message with the value o f 0.

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