Questions about satellite expression pedals with MC8 and MIDI pass-through

Hi all. I’m planning on actually making/building my pedalboard very soon as I currently have this rats nest on my bedroom floor

I’m thinking about putting the 1Spot, Peterson tuner, and MC8 on a board and then having a patch/junction box built for guitar & MIDI in/out plus the option to run the wah and expressions “off board” (basically so I can put them away if I don’t want to use them as I’m just a home player/rock star)

Now my questions; if I have two TRS cables running from the MC8 to a pass-through in the patch/junction box:

  • Will the MC8 recognise the expression sweep through a TRS pass-through
  • Will the MC8 act funny/wonky if there’s no expression pedal connected to the pass-through but the patch/bank has the output set to expression

Also will the MC8 be able to send MIDI commands through a short cable to a MIDI pas-through then a long cable to my Helix Rack?

Thank you in advice, regards


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I’m using a patchbay by One Control. Everything is fine. I don’t use it for expression, should be fine too. You might have to recalibrate, though.

Ok, thanks for letting me know your experience :slightly_smiling_face: