Question regarding MIDI CC function

is it possible to send distinct CC Values with the same CC# to the same Channel at the same time?
I’m asking because of the way ‘set toggle’ and ‘clear toggle’ are implemented on the MC 6 Pro.

I’ve tried to set up a GT Core to send three different messages to set the toggle of three presets on the MC to stay in sync with the GT’s active blocks when i change banks on the GT.
I can’t get it to work consistently. Some presets are toggled but it seems like some messages are getting lost.

Just to clarify. I’m assuming that a ‘set toggle’ will switch a preset to position 2 without triggering any messages, while a ‘clear toggle’ will set it to position 1.

Any insights will be appreciated

Not sure where your issue lies.

As a workaround you can use midi to engage a single preset in the current bank that has the multiple actions. You can global paste the preset to every bank so it works no matter which bank you are on.

Not sure if there’s a way to engage an arbitrary preset on a different bank via midi. Would be really nice. Might be able to do it with a midi converter, but that’s complicated even if it work. Perhaps there’s a new feature that allows this…

P.S. The sysex messages don’t seem to be in the user docs like the CC and PC messages.

A single preset won’t do, but I could mirror my presets on page 4 to toggle the original presets. Thanks for your input.