[Question] Follow Custom Bank Sequence

USAGE: I set out to design a flexible system for different amps/rigs (channel switching vs. pedal platform) using the Shifting concept from @jmenkinng here (New Toggle Feature - Shift - #68 by jmenkinng). It seems there are a few specific things keeping me from using Shift alone… but then I remembered we can change bank orders!

The question is, can you use the Follow Custom Bank Sequence for this, and can you trigger it from a preset?

Just following up on this:

Can Custom Bank Sequence be triggered from a preset?

When Custom Bank Sequence is on, can your Bank Jump and Engage Preset messages follow the Custom Bank Sequence?

EDIT: Post deleted due to being dumb. Bank Jumps work great in Custom Mode!

Apologies for the quadruple post, but having some very strange behavior with Custom Bank.

I go in to make changes, press Save Preset, but then it’s not saving. Using the new Chrome app, Beta 3.9 (10/1).

EDIT: Even acting weird with Custom Sequence turned off. Here’s a data dump:

Morningstar_MC8_All_Banks_Backup_File (7).json (1.5 MB)

I just tested, yes I see that the controller is just saving the settings in Bank 1, instead of what is in “Slot 1” when the custom bank sequence is used.

It saves fine after I turn off and save the Custom Bank Sequence though. Did a restart to your controller help?

I’ll check out what’s the issue today

Ok right, this order seems to work:

  1. Turn off Custom Seq & save
  2. Restart
  3. Make change to preset and save

this has been fixed in today’s release as well

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