Question about Send CC/PC on Disengage


i have a question about this feature.

It’s working very well. So well that i would like to add a slight delay on disengaging (which is really fast).


Is it possible ? Delay message maybe ? If so, how can i do this ?

Once again thank you for this wonderful controller.

I don’t think you can add a delay but…. Can you send like 5 or so “dummy” CCs that don’t do anything, and then the CC that does do something? That might cause it to take longer to reach the disengage CC?

It is not possible to alter the disengage time yet. I’ll see if I can add a setting somewhere…


It would be an interesting feature IMHO.

Actually, i use a combo of auto engaging and toe for disengaging but it’s not as “natural”. If you’ve got some room for this parameter it would be great. With engage/disengage it’s not really posible, you’ve got to say “active” otherwise it cuts (by the way the speed is phenomenal).

For example, it would allow to use Whammy creatively (staying on some steps), on even Wah (for information i use a single pedal to control Volume, Wah and Whammy, and MC6 is just wonderful to achieve this flawlessly).

Thanks anyway !

I just got my MC8 the other day. One of the first things I did was set up an expression preset to control the wah in my Mobius, including using the Expression Engage and Disengage actions to turn the wah on and off. It all worked perfectly first time, very easy to program, but I did find once I started playing and using the new setting that the 100ms timeout is a bit too fast.

So I, too, would appreciate it if the Expression Disengage timeout could be user-configurable.

thanks for the feedback. We’ll see if we can add it into the controller settings in the next update