Question about morningstar stereo to mono splitter cables

When it offers a 4-pack, does it mean 4 trs which would 8 mono cables?

4 pack means 4 pieces of this product:

So, 4 trs/8 mono???:heart:

Yes, it would appear so.


Would be great to have a version of this product that was a little more builder friendly.
Ideally just the TRS right angle with say 500mm of cable… no TS adaptors.
I bought a few of these with the ML10X.
The TRS right angle is easy to route and organize but things get cluttered and busy real quick a short distance away.

I like the idea of there being some kind of trimmable trs splitter cable kit. I didn’t have enough room for the adapters in the end. As a result I ended up using Square Plug SPS7 (which is designed for the y-cable use-case) to maximize the available space and enable direct wiring to each pedal.


I was wondering if this might be an issue. What kind of pedalboards are you finding these don’t work with?

Mine is in a rack with the screen facing the front…so it takes up Half x 2RU…
I considered morphing the ML10X into a 1RU so the Ins/outs would face backwards but might be above my pay grade.

I agree that the splitter adapter gets bulky, if you use many of them. I prefer to use a splitter cable like the ones shown above (Square Plug SPS7) . However are there any readymade cables (like to stay away from soldering). Custom made are somewhat pricey. Is saw Rockboard Flat Patch Y-Splitter (20/30/50cm) but I am not sure if the TRS connector will fit the ML10X. Anybody tried them?