Query - website suggested power type says 9-12v (is this correct)

I note from the website that it says the device can be powered by a 9-12v power supply

"Power the MC6 with a

9-12VDC power supply. Requires at least 80mA"

however upon reading the manual it says use a 9v PSU

i had a 12v PSU and that did not power the device. I now use USB to power it and touch wood plugging in the 12v PSU did not appear to damage the device.

however i assume saying on the web site that it can take a 9-12v power supply is wrong and possibly dangerous (unless you can infact use a 12v PSU etc)

I believe the 9-12v is specifically for midi phantom power, and the DC jack is specifically 9v.

12VDC into the power jack is fine. Just make sure it is center negative.