Quad Cortex control of Scenes

I want to use the MC6 or MC8 to show the scenes for each preset as I engage the preset from the quad cortex. I am able to toggle thru the scenes once I’m on a particular preset. How do I get the scenes to update when I select another preset?

Not sure if you’ve got the answer, but what I did was use the PC message send when I engage a preset on the QC to correspond to which ever Bank you had set up for that preset.

In my case, I set up Bank 10 and have 2 pages worth of commands and names all mapped out from the MS editor.
On the QC, I wanted my 2H preset to trigger B10 on the MS. So tap the top right 3 dots to bring up the menu. Select “Preset MIDI Out”, then tap on the middle window of the QC graphic that says “ON PRESET LOAD MESSAGE”. You’ll have 3 pages worth of messages you can trigger upon loading the preset. I just did:
Bank CC#(left blank)
Bank CC#(left blank)

I played around with it a little and the Program# is the one you really need to correspond to the B# of your MS patch.

Give is a shot and see if it works for you. You can find on the MS manual which number corresponds to which bank. What I’m reading is 0=B1, 1=B2 and so on.

Hope it helps.