Push 2 and Morningstar

It really got me thinking first of all, can you use these two at the same? I feel like the Morningstar is so much easier to trigger just about anything with the foot, but the Push2 can manoeuvre the session clips and turn all the assignable knobs. Anyone here have any experience using these two controllers? My objective is mainly for live looping guitar and synths. Also is it possible to have the morningstar control both ableton and your guitar pedals together??

I have used both in combination. Although I only used Push 2 to make sure it worked with some Max for Live plugins I was developing to control some Chase Bliss and Strymon guitar pedals. What guitar pedals are you using? If they are relevant I will share the links.

Also yes it’s possible to have the Morningstar control both Ableton and a guitar pedal at the same time. For example, you could have a preset that sends a program change to a guitar pedal while also sending a keystroke to Ableton to trigger a mapped Locator.