Protecting the MC6 USB-B Port

I’m using an MC6 pedal on a flat pedalboard, and looking for ways to reinforce/protect the USB-B port on the back. It looks like the most vulnerable port on the pedal and I’d like to make sure everything’s road-worthy. Anyone have any ideas?

For example,
OWC makes this housing-type thing with an adhesive for USB-C ports, which might be ideal:

…but it seems like they only make them for USB-C and not USB-B.

Some MIDI controller keyboards have a recessed USB-B port, like Arturia’s for example. Has anyone rehoused a pedal like this with recessed or otherwise protected ports?

Kinda shooting in the dark here. Thanks for whatever tips you might have.

Or, has anyone had success installing high-retention USB ports into a pedal like this?

The first thing I did after putting my MC6 on the board, was getting one of these:

For two reasons

  1. Limited space behind the MC6. Plugging and unplugging the usb meant lifting the MC6 up to access the port.
  2. Protect the port from repeatedly plugging and unplugging the USB. With this inexpensive dongle, I don’t worry about wearing out the port on the MC6.

I realize this doesn’t directly address your concern, but my thinking is you could secure the dongle to the MC6, with a bit of velcro, tape, or make a strap to hold it in place. In my case, I have a pedal immediately behind the USB, so it really can’t wriggle out.

Hope this is helpful!


Thanks! I guess I’ve been concerned about the cable in the port being pushed around during transport, but haven’t considered the effect of plugging and unplugging it too many times.

@Hooper Just order that 90. Thanks!

Regardless, I wonder if the USB is a difficult surface mount or if it can be replaced?