Product Selection Help ~ Which Controller?

I am setting up a pedalboard to work with my iPad. Here’s a picture of the MIDI signal flow

I want to pass MIDI program change and CC message to the iPad

  • from my Quad Cortex (THRU the MIDI Foot Controller)
  • from a MIDI Experssion Pedal (THRU the MIDI Foot Controller)
  • program changes directly from a MIDI Foot Controller (pressing the stomp buttons)

So I want 3 sources of MIDI program change or other messages to go into the iPad through my iRig Pro. ALL OF THE SOURCES… have to go through the MIDI Foot Controller because iRig only has ONE MIDI jack.

Can this be done?
Which Morningstar Controller do I need?


The MC6 and MC8 will both do this.


Hi. We have a product comparison chart here that will hopefully help with your decision: Since you need MIDI Thru, you should only consider the MC6 and MC8. Cheers!

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Hi…one other question. Thanks - I bought the MC6

Is there a way to change which MIDI channel I send CC messages on?
Something like:
Stomp on one button and the expression pedal CC messages get sent out on Channel 1
Stomp on a different button and now, the exp pedal CC messages get sent out on Channel 2


Yes, here’s one way to do that using the Select Exp Message type. Each press will enable either Msg 1 or Msg 2 in your expression preset.

and then in your expression preset, it will look like this:

Hi. Yes, we have a video explaining that as well. Linked here: