Problems with ML5

Hi from Spain. I have an ml5 and a mc6 and am very happy with both devices and editor. I noticed some time ago that the inputs/outputs of my ml5 are inverted. The signal leaves from Return and goes back into Send. It’s not much of a problem but it caused me the odd mental storm. But a few days ago I set up my pedalboard with two different audio paths (one time to use Strymon Iridium and the second way to use a real amp through the fx loop). Thanks to that I have realized that the order of the loops is also inverted, that is, first the signal enters “In” but then the first loop is D, not A, so that the audio order is Main In, then loop E then loop D, then loop C, and finally loop A. It looks like my ml5 was built by a dyslexic person. As I said before, all this is not a big problem for me but I would like to know if there are more people who have this problem. If it is a manufacturing defect, it is a problem for me to send the ml5 to the technical service, I would have to send the device to “I don’t know where” and I would be unable to use my pedal board for a long time.

Hi! That’s not possible. Assuming you have the instrument signal connected to the Input (and not the output), the signal flows from A Send to A Return, B Send to B Return and so on, and then to the output.

If your instrument is connected to the output instead,
only then the signal will flow from Return E to Send E, Return D to Send D and so on.

The ML5 isn’t manually wired. Everything is printed on a circuit board and is standardised.

But let’s troubleshoot your issue.

Can you share a video showing how you have everything connected and set up?

I am very sorry for taking so long to respond, I was traveling and until now I have not had time to review my problem.
You were actually right, of course. I use an Eventide H9 in pre-post configuration and I made a mistake in the audio path, for that reason the audio entered through the output and vice versa. Thank you very much for your help. Kind regards! And congratulations on the release of the MC6 Pro!!!