Problems controlling a boss RC 500 from an MC8

Hi there, I’ll confess that I’m still relatively new to this. I’ve got an MC8 and I want to control some functions on a bus RC 500. At the moment I’m stuck on controlling the record, Overdub play function from a foot switch within a bank. I have assigned the Record function to Assign 3 on the RC 500 and then used the following Message on the MC8 preset. (See screenshot below).
Toggle Mode On
MSG 1 - action: press, type: cc, cc number 3, cc value 0, midi channel 2 – RC500. Pos Both.

MSG2 - action: release, type: cc, cc number 3, cc value 127, midi channel 2 – RC 500, position Both

Whilst this specific switch seems to work fine, I am bizarrely finding that other switches – specifically A and C where I do not have the same message, are also triggering play on the Second press of the switch. It’s as though some of the functionality from switch B is carried over to switch A on the second press. I’m sure this is a case of lack of consideration knowledge but would be grateful for some guidance to help me get through the maze. Thanks

What did you programm to A and C? The RC cycles through rec/play/dub or rec/play/stop depending on how you’ve set up the assigns

Thanks for your reply guitarwolf. On A and C I currently have no messages for the RC 500, just for my HXFX. That’s why I was perplexed that they were having an effect on the RC 500. That’s simply because I am working through the set up. I do intend to put RC CC commands on C, but as yet there are none.

Sorry forgot to include a screenshot.

Hi GuitarWolf, any more thoughts on this?

I just seem to be getting unexpected behaviour from the RC 500 at the moment. For example it goes into play mode when I enter a bank on the MC8 despite me not having configured that. I tried adding the record/play functionality to a new preset on a new bank with no other programming on it.
And that seemed to work. Completely baffled as to why this is happening. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

I think it’s most likely an issue with the RC’s settings. Try to connect the MC to the editors midi monitor and figure out what midi messages are send by the MC when the odd behaviour of the RC occurs. Hope this will shed some light on what is going on

thanks GuitarWolf, by doing some systematic rebuilding of the preset to find out when the problem occurs, it bizarrely seems to occur once I have create a message on another preset within the bank to change snapshots on my HX FX using cc 69. Although on the surface this has nothing to do with the RC 500, as soon as I create this message the strange behaviour begins. And if I remove it the strange behaviour stops. Why would a message for another device on another midi channel trigger off behaviour on the RC 500? Changing snapshots on my HX FX is core functionality that I need. So not quite sure how to resolve this.

looking at the midi monitor, both switches seem to be generating the correct messages as programmed. However the first two that you can see - which are on the HX Fx midi channel - seem to affect behaviour on the RC 500. The HX FX is set up for midi channel one and the RC on midi channel 2, so I can’t figure out why commands for the HXFX on Ch 1 are affecting behaviour on the RC500 on Ch 2.

Is the HX able to generate midi messages? Try removing the HX from your midi chain and send the same messages, see if anything changes. Also are you sure that you’ve set the channel on the RC correctly?

Yes, the HX is able to generate midi messages, however, I want the MC8 to be the master. As soon as I remove the message containing CC 69 (to select the HX snapshot,) from the MC8 bank, the problem goes away and the RC 500 behaves as expected. The CC 69 message - even when only sent to the HX midi channel (1) , versus the RC-500 channel (2,) seems to cause problems with the RC-500. I’ve been trying to find out whether cc 69 is a reserved midi message for the RC 500.
From what I see it isn’t. So I’m not sure why it should be affecting its behaviour. I’ve double check that I have the correct midi channels on each device which I do.

So taking the HXFX out of the midi chain also remove the problem.

However it also removes the ability to control the Hx effects from the MC8 which is the whole point :-).

Anyhow, I suspect you suggested that to try and eliminate some sort of issue.

Does that help to shed any more light on it?

I’ve just tried changing the positions of the RC 500 and HX Fx in the midi chain, moving the RC 500 to position one and the HXFx to position two and that seems to have solved the problem.

I’m not sure I understand why as the midi channels remain the same. @GuitarWolf thanks for getting me thinking about the midi chain. If you or anyone knows how this solved the problem, I would be curious to know. :thinking: :thinking:

We now know that it’s probably the HX that’s causing the issue. Check the midi options of the HX. Maybe it transmitts incoming midi to all channels.

Thanks , i’ll check that out later today. Looks like you’re a fellow insomniac!

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Maybe, the HX sends an unwanted message when activating the snapshot?