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hello everyone sorry for the translator
I would like to know how I disconnect a previous switch when pressing another switch

You can use the “On Disengage” action.

thanks very much for you answer

One question, can someone help me?
if in a preset a, for example, I have assigned a sound in a midi channel 2 h9 and a midi channel 3 timeline, and in a preset b I have the sound of a boss sy 200 channel 2, how do I turn off preset A when activating B
what commands do I need in preset B

thank you

The way the presets are written suggest the H9 and Boss Sy200 are both on midi channel 2. I’d recommend switching these to two completely independent channels, which may help.

To answer more directly, Preset B would need to send a midi message to bypass the H9 and timeline as well as the activation messages for preset B. Likewise, switching to preset A would require bypassing of the boss, if that’s what is intended.

Thanks for answering, sorry the boss sy 200 is on channel 1

And if that’s the idea, turn off any previous function by pressing a new switch

The second part of my response is what would need to be programmed.

for me the ideal would be to work with the controller in this way

I would like to know how to do it

You’ll need to decide how you want the units to react, e.g. actually bypass or load another algorithm in a bypass state. To simply bypass the H9 you’ll need to see which CC# is assigned to either state in the H9 app menu (pedal settings>midi settings>assign midi cc messages). Once you know that you can then send that message on preset B. The has something similar but most likely different: CC# 102 bypass=0 engage=127

I am going to put an example
in the `preset C I have assigned an effect in a timeline
the values in msg 1 are
pc number 9 middle 3
msg 2 cc number 102, ccval 0, midch 3
msg 3 cc number 102,ccval 127,mid 3
in preset D effect in boss SY 200
msg 1 pc number 52 mid ch 1
msg2 ccn 27 ccval 0 midch 1
msg3 ccn27 ccval 127 mid ch 1
I want to go from C to D stepping only on D and at the same time turning off C, I don’t know how to do it, if you can help me I would appreciate it

You’d need to append two additional messages to preset D which would then read:

preset D:
msg 1 pc number 52 mid ch 1
msg2 ccn 27 ccval 0 midch 1
msg3 ccn27 ccval 127 mid ch 1
msg4 ccnX (user defined in the menu) ccval 0 midch 2 (for H9) <— important you’ll need to either discover or define the CC number in the midi menu previously mentioned.
msg5 ccn 102 ccval 0 mid ch 3 (for Timeline)

Ok thanks, I’ll try and tell you
thanks for your time

thanks anthony for your time and help, i managed to program it as i wanted
thanks a lot

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Lol. A little late, but I’ve finally written a how to on preset engage / bypass toggle, in the hope that it’s useful for anyone starting out. Or anyone, really :slight_smile: