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I have a problem with the configuration of 2 pieces. ML5 on my board, which related to a

MC6 MKII working (see my midi schematic). I want to toggle between relay A and relay B on the first Ml5 (it has channel #5) (it activates the loop for multi-effects Nux MG30 on “A” or Line6 hx stomp on channel “B” (optional). This function I programmed it and it’s already working. I also configured relay “C” on the same ML5 (this can also be done if desired), relay “C” switches the loop for the second ML5 (in/out) with channel no 6 which is attached to it.

The “D” relay of the first ML 5 (channel #5) is connected to the send/return outputs of the Nux MG30 extra and the “E” relay is connected to the send/return outputs of the Line6 hx stomp.

So far so good, now to the problem! If I give the first ML5 the command to activate relay “A” (or B) and activate relay “C” at the same time, then that’s ok, but of course I would also like to activate the loops connected there on the second ML5 after my selection , but that only works with the loops “A” and “B” on the second ML5 (with channel no. 6), but if I activate further relays there, i.e. “C” and “D” and “E”, then the ML5 (No.1 on channel 5) also switches automatically, i.e. parallel to it, although no command was given for it? So in the preset configuration of the MC6 MKII I can only ever loop “A”; Getting “B” and “C” to work on the first ML5, however as soon as I want to switch loops “D” and “E” separately, both ML5s act as if they are a common switch, but the preset’s default is separate? I don’t understand where the problem can be.

The settings for pos. 1 and pos. 2 or both or when exiting (toggle function) is correct in my opinion and does not overlap. If anyone has an idea or solution please post, thanks!
(Hint!) The small disaster area micro-controller is only for bank up/down and preset page turning as an aid (this already works)!

There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot.

  1. Remove MC6 MIDI IN cable and USB cable. Does the ML5(1) still switch when you are sending only to ML5(2)
  2. Connect MC6 directly to ML5(1) and send the messages for ML5(2) and see if ML5(1) switches
  3. Check the MIDI Monitor to make sure there are no intended MIDI messages being sent

Answer ML5

Hello James,

ok, I will be able to try it out on Saturday at the earliest, then I’ll post my findings.

First of all, thank you for the quick reply!

Greetings, Jens

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