Problem with Midi Clock Tap

I use my MC8 with the HX Stomp. I control my preset with CC from MC8. Works great except one thing.
I’ve programmed switch H to ”MIDI Clock Tap”. Works great to tap and the bpm shows on the MC8-screen, and in HX Edit the top right corner for bpm says ”External”. But as soon as I press any other button on the MC8 the bpm in the Stomp changes to another fixed bpm, both on screen and in reality.
If I set button H to tap via cc 64 and cc-value 127 it works great all the time, except that I can’t see the bpm on the MC8-screen, which I really wanna be able to do.

What am I doing wrong…?

Try adding %BP in a preset name? Should show current BPM…

Shot in the dark but could this be related to the Midi Clock Persist setting? If off, the midi clock stops sending when you press another switch on the MC8.

Thank you for your help!

If I type %BP in the ”MIDI Clock Tap”-setting then the bpm shows both at the H-button and in the middle of the display. But the tap does not work, as i mentioned earlier.

If I type %BP in the CC64 Value 127 setting then it does not show, just says ”0” at the H-button. But the tap works just fine.