Problem with MC8 & Chase Bliss Brothers via OMNI-port

My Chase Bliss Brothers is connected to my MC8’s OMNI-port 4 using a TRS cable. MIDI is working fine but there is one problem - when the board powers on the Brothers’ channel A is immediately toggled on or off.

I have done a load of debugging to determine what this is and stripped things back to the Brothers and MC8 alone and the problem still occurs. If I power cycle the MC8 only it will (nearly) always toggle the Brothers’ channel A.

I suspect the problem has something to do with the fact on the Brothers the TRS jack is a mulit-port that can be used for either MIDI or an EXT footswitch to toggle channel A (see image from the manual below) and I think the MC8 might be sending signal/voltage at startup on its OMNI-port and the Brothers is taking that to mean that the pedal should toggle the channel A status.

Any suggestiosn on how I might resolve this issue?

Note OMNI-port 4 is configured as “MIDI Out - Ring Active”.

For CB pedals, the omniport needs to be configured as “MIDI Out - Ring Active”. Can you try that and restart the controller and see if it resolves your issue?

So sorry James I got that wrong, the port is already configured as “MIDI Out - Ring Active” (I just looked at the MC8 from the top-down and incorrectly assume the left most port was number 1 :person_facepalming:t3:)

I’ll update my OP to correct.

I have had this problem with a couple of chase bliss pedals where the footswitch acts strangely when a trs cable is connected.

To solve it I believe you need to lift the connection on the trs that is not being used - ie flip the wire that is not sending the signal.

The trs cables I was using have Mildred plugs so I use mine with a disaster area midi box which for some reason works fine

Appreciate the reply and suggestion @keirmc34 . I do have a Morningstar MIDI Box but I’m already using up all its outputs, and its located far away from the Brothers, which is why I am using an OMNI-port for the Brothers.

I will try and wire up something so that the TIP is not connected and test what you’ve suggested.

Thanks again.

OK, so I finally found time to test @keirmc34 's suggestion and it does indeed seem to work!!

I used two TRS cables and with the help of an assistant bridged the connection between the ring and sleeve with two TS cables. MIDI messages are still able to be sent to the Brothers but MC8’s startup didn’t seem to toggle channel A.

@James before I look into how I make this a more permanent solution are you able to explore or confirm whether this is something that might be fixed with software? Or maybe its a hardware limitation?