Problem with MC8 and Boss GT-1000 Core

I’m encountering a problem with my MC8 and the Boss GT-1000Core. Normally I work with just one preset for each bank, and every preset in each bank is a part of a song in which I turn on and off each effect via cc messages. This part works perfect without any problems.

The issue is when I need to change to another preset on the same bank, there are songs that are maybe more complex and require the use of another preset for something else, with it’s different sets of cc messages on/off. The problem is that when I change from one preset to another it doesn’t load the appropriate cc messages stored on the mc8, it just loads the way the effects are stored on the preset on the GT-1000Core, and it only works the way I want it the second time I press the switch, almost as if I had stored the cc messages on the MC8 on the 2 position, but they are actually set on both, so it shouldn’t behave like that, right??. I have done the clear preset toggle off/on setting on the bank section but it doesn’t do anything., I just can’t seem to make it work and I know I must be missing something.

Just in case, my preset settings on each bank are normally set to 14 cc messages off/on, I have one message dedicated to the set toggle disengaging all presets so that it doesn’t conflict with the rest, I have also toggle mode on and preset blink on. The banks are set with a program change and a set toggle engaging always the first preset. On the GT-1000Core each cc message is set on Momentary. So, tell me guys, what am I missing here??..


Sorry, I’m a bit late to the party. Have you figured this out already?