Problem Morningstar MC8 to Walrus ACS1

Hi guys,

I am having trouble getting the specific preset from the Morningstar MC8 to the Walrus ACS1.

I have 4 different presets for each of the guitars.

When I trigger the preset that was already saved in the ACS1 it goes into edit mode in the ACS1 and only triggers the saved effect after 3 or 4 triggers.

Is anyone facing this specific problem? Or do you have a solution?

Below is a printout of my settings in MorningStar?


Hi. What are you trying to achieve with this switch on your MC8?

You have Toggle Mode, Preset Blink and Message Scroll all enabled. Also, MIDI messages 1 and 2 are on Position: Both and message 3 is in Position: 2. To understand how Toggle Mode and Message Scroll work, please check out these videos: