Problem editting on the device

When I try to edit on the device (button followed by D+F) any button that’s programmed for a bank change shows the edit menu for the same button but in the new bank, not the original bank. Am I doing something wrong, or perhaps there’s a workaround?

That’s because when you press the switch with the bank jump button, it will jump to the new bank, before you can edit it. what you can do is enter editor mode with switch C+D, this will disable the bank jump function so you can edit it (this will only work in firmware v3.8.3 or earlier though. there were some changes done to the code after which disables this. We’ll fix it again in v3.9).

We might change how the user select presets to edit in the next update to make it easier (instead of selecting preset first then going to edit, maybe a menu to just select the preset to edit from a menu).