Problem: Bluguitar AMP1 doesn't learn/receive MIDI Messages from TRS outputs


I’ve been trying to use program changes with Bluguitar AMP1 with MC3’s TRS outputs but my AMP1 doesn’t seem to receive the midi messages. AMP1’s midi learn function engages correctly, and receives MIDI to 1/4" TRS . I’ve tried to change the internal dip switches for ports 3 and 4. I got MIDI channel 1 sending the messages as advised in AMP1 manual. I’ve tried all the PC Numbers.

I’d prefer not to use a MIDI adapter for the AMP1 (5pin to trs) because it’s bulky and I have the mini-trs ports already in MC3, so why not use them.

Any suggestions what to do/try next?

Thanks a lot for any help in advance!

Based on the description in their manual, I think their MIDI adaptor cable has some electronics in it to interface with other MIDI controllers. If so, then connecting the MC3 TRS directly to the AMP1 will not work.

If you want to build an individual programmable guitar system using the MIDI controller of your choice, you can control AMP1 ™ using the BluGuitar ® MIDI1 ™ adapter interface. This turns AMP1 ™ ’s remote port into a MIDI In port. This allows you to recall all of AMP1’s switching functions (Clean - Overdrive, Boost Reverb and the overdrive channel selector switch) via MIDI program change commands. Additionally, control change commands CC 007 (2nd MasterVolume), CC 020 (Gain) and CC 030 (PowerSoak) are also received. You put MIDI1 ™ ’s adapter interface’s port into AMP1’s REMOTE port: on the opposite end is a 5-pin DIN socket for the MIDI IN. The interface electronics are powered by AMP1 ™ , meaning that no extra power supply or cables are required.

Yup. I think you are right.

Now that I read that caption from the manual, that your assumption of the electronics is most probable.

Thanks for the insight!

Yep, unfortunately you do need the MIDI1 connector to make it work.

(I control my Amp1 with an MC6 via the MIDI1 connector, works well.)

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@mm_Jay , what Omniport setting on the MC6 to you use to control the Amp1 through the MIDI1 adapter?

MIDI Out - Standard.

I’ve taken the PCB out of the MIDI 1 adapter and wired it to a patch box with TRS jacks. From there, it’s connected to the MC6 with a stereo TRS cable (though you don’t actually need the ground connected). Works perfectly.

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